Open Sandwich Workshop

Learn how to make our open-faced sandwiches

Are you looking for an extraordinary experience in unique surroundings?
This workshop might be just that!

Our open-faced sandwich workshop is a fun and somehow different experience you can use as team building, for a special birthday event and so on.

We customize the workshop from time to time and welcome you to our restaurant, Aamanns 1921, in the City Center (for groups of 15-30 persons), our unique location on Refshaleøen, Aamanns Køkken, (for groups of 30-75 persons) or another location of your choice (please contact us for prices when choosing your own location).

We will guide you in the craftmanship of making beautifully arranged and flavourful open-faced sandwiches. All the ingredients are prepared so you can focus on tasting, discussing and having a good time meanwhile learning and eating well.


Booking and price

The price is 1000 DKK per person including VAT. This includes one of our two locations, food, apéretif, coffee and tea. 

Contact us for booking or more information!
E-mail [email protected] or phone number +452080 5200. 

Or fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.